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Chicago Haunts

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Greetings, this community is for all who are interested in hauntings/paranormal activity in the Chicagoland area. This community is for the curious or hardcore enthusiasts alike! Chicago is famed for being not only one of the most haunted places in North America, but in the world! Chicago has a very rich ghostlore history, from the infamous Resurrection Mary on the southwest side to the haunt at 666 n. Maple on Northshore. Please share with us any experiences, photos, questions, or any other knowledge you may have. I also plan on having meet ups to local haunts ocassionaly.


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Paranormal Investigators

Haunted Chicago Paranormal Research and Investigation

The Ghost Research Society (based in Southwest Suburban Chicago)

The Office of Paranormal Investigations (Chicago based service)
Contact Steve and Tom McNichols, 773-794-0349

The Ghost Hunters Society (based in Northern Chicago suburbs)
contact Mike Komen, Poltermike@worldnet.att.net

Midwest Cable Access Show and discussion groups!
Email Ed Shanahan from the website or
call 708-430-5245 & leave a message!

Chicago's Graveyards

Graveyards of Chicago

Ghost/Haunting Information

Ghost types

Ghost Tours

Excursions into the Unknown (conducted by Ghost Research Society President Dale Kaczmarek)
http://www.ghostresearch.org 708-425-5163

Chicago Supernatural Tours (Hosted by famed Richard Crowe!)Contact Richard Crowe at 773-735-2530

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